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  • Midori Yamane Marchan

4 easy ways to elevate your style

Even with 0 knowledge of styling or fashion, I can guarantee you these 4 tips will instantly elevate your everyday style. And it's easy, anyone can do it.

Tip #1 - Tuck in/ Belt it

Tuck in, tuck in & tuck in.

This little hack will not only elongate your legs but also will add interest to your outfit. Whether it's in the middle or the side, tuck in just the tip of your jumper or shirt with a finger and let the rest drape down. You are aiming to create a mountain shape with the tuck at the top. It works for all body shapes. If you tend to hide your tummy by covering up, try this instead. The slight bulge at the top of the tuck will create a distraction and will draw the attention away from your mid section. Trust me, try it.

Tip #2 - Layering

"Layering" sounds scary, I know.

But this one here is super easy and makes all the difference to your look.

Why not wear a simple white T-shirt (crew neck) under your sweatshirt by showing just the tip of it? Or a white shirt under your knitwear that shows just the collar of it? That tiny bit of white popping out makes the whole outfit look more dimensional and elevated.

You can always crop the sweatshirt or knitwear using a safety pin or double-sided tape which then allows the white to show at the bottom as well. With the shirt, revealed just at the edge of the sleeves also create interest. All you need is a white T-shirt or a shirt and VOILA!

Tip #3 - Roll sleeves

Have you noticed that many "stylish" people roll up their sleeves even with their coats or jackets? This is to create an "effortlessly stylish" look to what otherwise can seem a bit stiff and boring. Showing your wrists which is usually the smallest part of your body will create contrast hence balance when wearing something bulky such as a trench coat, a leather jacket or an oversized jumper. The contrast will again bring interest to otherwise a flat and frumpy style. To add to that, either a chunky bracelet or a simple watch peaking out will really upgrade the look. Try rolling up your sleeves (not too much! just a bit) in front of a mirror and see for yourself the impact it creates.

Tip #4 - Colour match accessories

This is probably one of the biggest style hacks that are out there.

It's fun to dress in different colours, fabrics and styles. But it can feel a little messy if you combine all the different colours that you like. So my advice is to at least keep the colours of your accessories the same. By accessories, I mainly mean shoes, belt and bag but in winter time this can expand to your beanies and scarves. Make sure you have at least one black pair of shoes, one black belt and one black bag in your wardrobe and you are pretty much good to go. However messy the other bits get, so long as those accessories are the same colour, you will look "put together". Brown and taupe are also good colours to have for these items but can be slightly difficult as there are many different shades. I would bring along the shop the one brown pair of boots I have to match the colour of the belt I need. Don't worry if it's slightly different.

I cannot stress enough how much easier this will make your life.

You can thank me later ;)

Just keep these 4 tips in your mind and you are sorted.

These little hacks will most definitely elevate your style and hopefully you will stand up a little bit taller each time you leave your house.

Now go and try it :)

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