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A little bit about myself...


I am not your typical Personal Stylist that has always loved dressing up. I have never snuck into my mum's wardrobe as a child to try on her heels and lipstick.

I have never been into trends.

The truth is, I only recently discovered the fascination and importance of styling since entering my 30’s. I'm a late bloomer in this world.


I was raised in Japan and studied in America as an exchange student where I met a boy (now husband:) ) who is from the UK. I basically followed him back to London, started my dream job as a flight attendant and flew around the world for over a decade. We also were blessed with a beautiful little child.

When life got slightly crazy and I had to leave my job, I struggled for the first time. With no reason to leave the house and wondering where I belonged, I cocooned myself not knowing who I had become.

Eventually, I stumbled across a YouTube video that opened my eyes to the power of colour. I realised wearing certain colours diminished the dark circles under my eyes and gave me that healthy glow. I felt a tiny sparkle inside me. It was a feeling of excitement that I hadn't had in what felt like ages. And that was my turning point.

I became a Personal Stylist in 2022 through the London College of Style, where I learned the magical science behind colours and body shapes.

I now understand how a mindfully curated outfit can take you miles and beyond. It isn't so much about the outfit itself but rather the feeling that comes with it when you're dressed well. You are worth that look. That confidence will help you stand up a little bit taller every time you leave the house. Before you know it, this tiny boost of energy will have a positive ripple effect onto your relationships, your job and your lifestyle.

This is where I come into your life. Because I get you. I was there not too long ago. I want you to find and embrace your identity to feel confident, uplifted and most importantly, happy.

Let’s create a fabulous you.

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