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Fashion fades, style is eternal
Yves Saint Laurent


Hi, I'm Midori

Do you wake up every morning to a full wardrobe but nothing to wear?
Do you find yourself wearing the same thing day after day?
Do you find it tricky figuring out what goes with what?

Well, you've come to the right place because I was there myself not too long ago.

Personal Styling is not just for celebrities and the rich. It should be for the everyday women with lumps and bumps who simply want to feel good about themselves.

My job is to help you become the best version of yourself and most importantly, happy with yourself.

I've got you

About me...

I am not your typical Personal Stylist that has always loved dressing up. I have never snuck into my mum's wardrobe as a child to try on her heels and lipstick. I have never been into trends either. 


The truth is, I only recently discovered the fascination and importance of styling since entering my 30’s. I'm a late bloomer in this world.



You may have had a promotion at work and need to dress appropriately or you may be not feeling yourself after having a baby. You may be going through a difficult time after losing someone special or simply want to discover a “new me”. Whatever the reason, I promise to help you become the best version of yourself. It will be an exciting and eye-opening experience for you as we go through your journey together.

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Body Shape Analysis


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From my lovely Clients...

Midori is incredible. I had gained 11kg after my parents died. I was wearing sweatpants and leggings as standard. I was stuck and looked terrible. She took me and gently and sensitively opened up a whole new world of style and how to work with this new body shape I find myself in. She gave me back my confidence and helped me get back a feeling of "me". The most transformative journey I have ever been on. Thank you! 

Laura W

Midori 's session was so informative. Learning about colour theory was a real eye opener and I am excited to get experimenting. I had a total 'a ha moment' when she explained that volume is more than just actual size and is going to transform the way I put together my outfits.

Nicola E



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